There is a Tree in My Living Room

There is a tree in my living room. For a really loooooong time I had a ficus tree. It was really ugly. You know how you have something so long that you eventually stop seeing it?  My ficus tree. It had all kinds of ornaments hanging on it and the leaves were starting to fall off.  Bad.  I put it out to the curb.  In my town, when things are at the curb, they are free for the taking. Nobody took it. 

Not too long ago, my sister volunteered to help me get a new tree.  We parked at the side of the road by a stretch of land owned by the power company. They had been there recently, cutting back trees away from the power lines.  It was icy and snowy.  We found a tree I liked and carried it back to the truck. 

I nailed a board to the bottom and stood the tree up in my living room. 

Not replacing all of the old ornaments, I am starting over with only ornaments that have a story or memory. Niece 3 gave this to me after she and I and Niece 1 went to the Detroit Opera House to see Mary Poppins. It was a great night....even if the Sequoia Nieces make me feel like a shrimp.

I bought this last year at The Creative Connection. I have been trying all day to remember the name of the vendor.  Sorry....  The birds are so simple, but I like their mixed materials and their messages. And the Creative Connection was fun!

I bought this fleur de lis at Tinsel Trading in NYC on a trip with the Human PinBall.  It was a great trip. we found a lot of excellent shops, did some trending, got completely drenched in the rain, and saw as many Broadway shows as possible. The ornament next to it is a giant chandelier crystal. I got it at a flea market in Metz, France last August. I also got a great postcard featuring the Eiffel Tower. You see it Mod Podged to the backside of the crystal.  And!  It is outlined with a little glass glitter also from Tinsel Trading. Both ornaments reflect my French heritage.  

And yet, I have not decided on the tree's final outcome.  Should I add twinkle lights to the branches? Should I paint the tree a deep turquoise?  And then add twinkle lights? Should I leave it au naturale?  What do you think? Help me!

And take your Vitamin C!

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