Painted Backgrounds and Borders Notebook

I have been fighting bronchitis the last month or so, it comes and it goes.  This idea came to me one night in a Nyquil induced dream.  Nyquil is my friend.

Almost always, we do some kind of furniture painting when Divine Design goes on a mission trip.  Between prepping the chair, doing the basecoating, and adding the details, many people get hands on a piece of furniture. Most times, nobody will attempt the detailing but me, and part of the reason is that they are not sure what they should do.

So, my Nyquil dream told me that I should have a sort of notebook of backgrounds and borders to give other painters a starting point. Plus, I forget what I have done in the past, and a reminder will be good for me too. The rules for furniture painting on a mission trip are: it must be fast, and it must be simple.  

I made my background notebook out of an old Journeys magazine that I was done with. 

For more stable, thicker pages, glue two together, back to back. The first step was to cover the pages with gesso.  If you have not used gesso (pronounced jess-o), you must give it a try. It is used as a primer coat, a mask. It also comes in black. Works great, it is a valuable tool for your art box.

My selected palette of acrylic craft paints...

Each page was basecoated after the gesso dried.

On each page, I painted a background or a border. Hopefully, someone can look at the page and with a bit of instruction, be able to duplicate it on piece of furniture. 

These are just examples. Sometimes I combine two or three of these into a new pattern. And if you change the colors used, it can give you a totally different feel.  The background will be much softer if you paint it with a monochromatic palette, for instance.

These are just visual road maps, guidelines, ideas.

What kind of thing do you do that would benefit you from inclusion in a handy notebook?

Take you Vitamin C....and your Nyquil!

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