200 Bracelets with Hopes and Dreams

We finished our 200 bracelets for My Sister Song tonight.   The hours we spent were for a very worthwhile ministry in the Detroit metro area, that helps girls to leave a life in the sex industry.

And, I got to spend a couple evenings stringing beads and visiting with old and new friends.  We had women from church ranging in age from pre-teen to late 70s. It is so great to see generations working together on a common cause.

Tonight, I sat at a table with six high school girls. The conversations were most enlightening, especially this one:

"I just know that when I am proposed to, it will not be cute."

"Molly's Dad proposed to her Mom the day after he met her because he was in the Air Force and shipping out."


"My Dad did not even propose to my Mom, he just assumed they would get married."

"Yeah, I want a cute proposal. Something he really thinks about and plans out."

"I know."

"Me too.


"Movies are wrecking my life."

That made me laugh and then pray. I hate that they might ever find out just how much life is not like the movies when it comes to hopes and dreams, and I am praying tonight for each of them that their lives turn out to be exactly like a romantic comedy.

It also reminded me about some young girls working in strip clubs and worse here in Detroit.  Girls for whom we made these 200 bracelets. Girls who were dealt a bad hand in life or who made a bad decision that got them off track. Wonder what the hopes and dreams were that they traded in to be where they are today.

All our young girls need prayers.

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