Vintage Bead Necklace

Admittedly, I don't know much about vintage beads...except that I like them.  My friend, "She Who Owns The Best Vintage Beads" sometimes gives me a broken strand to play with. She owns beads handed down from her Mother and Mother-in-law. I remake the beads into new pieces for her daughters and herself. Great idea, right?

 This grouping of beads is left from a double strand, as I recall. Some time ago, I used the bulk of them, and these are what is left. She requested I string them with some silver. I tried to keep the flavor of the stringing while adding a more contemporary, trendy twist.

 There are two kinds of beads here, not counting the silver I added. The striated, transparent beads are acrylic with an AB coating. Very cool in person. 

The solid beads are foiled and are so lightweight, that I think they are some kind of paper.  They are in really great shape if they are paper.

Anyone know something about this type of vintage bead? I don't know for sure, but according to what they looked like before I took them apart, I would say maybe the are from the early 50s.

Vintage way to use your Vitamin C!

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Unknown { March 20, 2012 at 5:20 AM }
Argh! Great Color!!!! Hugs, Doris

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