The Perfect Tool

I am a proponent of using tools that are right for the task and that make the task easier. 

This horrible looking thing is a tool I made myself. You can see that it is well used.
I use it all the time for fabric painting, and jewelry making. Yes, weird combo, but it works. Great. 

When I lay the fabric on it to paint, the padding allows me to press the brush or sponge into the fibers of the fabric. And I can pin jewelry pieces to the foam. It works a lot better than trying to tape something to the table top to hold it still.

When it gets too bad looking, I change the cover or just lay another piece of fabric over the top while I am working.

 It is just a piece of upholstery foam 12" x 16" and 2" thick. 

I taped a piece of muslin around it, with a 12" x 16" canvas board on the back. You can make it any size. I have been thinking I would like a mini version for jewelry making on the road. It is not fancy, pretty, or expensive, and it does the trick. Best few pennies I ever spent.

Do you have any homemade tools that you can't live without?
Have you used your Tool Vitamin C?

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myoceansunset { March 26, 2012 at 7:01 PM }
Hi there...I dont know how Ive managed to miss out on your blog considering the ridiculous amount of hours ive spent discovering one after the other, but I have and im partially bummed its taken so long but so glad I finally have! I am a life long DIYer, it was how we were raised and I find myself a lil irritated with the copy cat, same thing diff color look at my great idea" filled sites EVERYWHERE....and you are SUCH a breath of fresh creative air!!!Ive been scrolling thru much of your super cute projects and I love your ideas and originality, Its great that people can find inspiration and their own creativity thru others idea's but it's women like you that make Doing It Yourself truly what its all about!!!! Thank you for sharing your gift and may God continue to bless that brilliant mind of yours...and it goes without saying but I happen to be your "newest follower" ;)LoL
Kim { March 26, 2012 at 9:50 PM }
WOW, thanks!!

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