Too Short Toggle Bar

 Have you ever had this problem? The bar piece of the toggle is too short. You can tell by looking that it can slip right out of the toggle circle (or teardrop in this case). This will for sure cause you to lose your jewelry. When you are not paying attention. It will slip out, the bracelet will fall off and you will not notice. Bah!

I used to restring the bracelet with a new toggle when this happened. It has happened to me with toggles I bought and added to my own jewelry. It has happened to me with pre-made jewelry that I purchased. It is maddening.

But, today, I decided that I was not restringing, and would find a better fix. And I did.

 I used a 6" piece of silver wire, 22 gauge. I strung one end through the little toggle loop. And wrapped the long end of the wire around the base of the toggle five times. To finish, I twisted the ends of the wire together...tightly...on the side(ish) of the toggle, so it wouldn't scratch my wrist during wearing.  And then I trimmed the wires as short as I could without having to worry that it would untwist.

Tada! It worked. No more worries about losing a bracelet that I really like.

Anybody have a different remedy for this problem?

I love using my Vitamin C to creatively fix a problem! 

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Janet { March 14, 2012 at 7:14 PM }
Brilliant idea!

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