Quilt Piece Sneak Peek

Hand stitching is one of my favorite things to do. I can make a fabric and floss project last forever. Layers of fabrics and embroidery are just the beginning. Then, adding beads and buttons and other stuff is the really fun part for me. I like the textures it all makes. And the colors. 

But, this one is for quilt market and it has a definite deadline. So, I am working toward an end to the project.  Here is one corner of the piece. Stay tuned for the entire thing....very soon.

Notice that only the background has been hemmed. The surface decoration shows the rough fabric edges and the floss knots.  For me, the point is texture and color. It will not ever be washed, so the rough edges and knots add to the texture without adding worry about fraying and falling apart.

More stitching.......trying to work some rick rack in some place.

Get out a needle and take your Vitamin C!

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