Do I Hear $1?

 I made this last night while sitting in my hotel room, watching the Tigers beat the Rangers. Twice. Made the necklace twice. The Tigers did not beat the Rangers twice last night.

The first time I put it together, it was fabulously asymmetrical, which I love for myself. But, I am donating the necklace to an auction, so it will not be mine. Then I thought, most people probably do not like crazy asymmetry like I do. As it is, the beads are strung randomly.

So, I restrung it so the dangles are symmetrical, at least.

And I would like to know. Do you prefer a symmetrical design? Taking it one step further, does there have to be a pattern to the beads? Or, do you prefer asymmetry in a piece of jewelry?

Take your Vitamin C!

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votemom { October 15, 2011 at 11:10 PM }
it looks great!
oh, and i like asymettry.

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