Fall Button Earrings

Imaginina stopped in today to make a pair of earrings with us. 

Actually, she lost a bet with me and now she has to show you these button earrings. HA! Take it away Imaginina!

Yes, never bet with Kim. Anyway, here I am. These earrings are so easy, a monkey could make them, you really do not need instructions. But, that was the bet, so..... Even if you live under a rock and have never crafted before, you can handle this project. Give it a try.

You need:
  • 2 triangle shaped buttons
  • Glitter Sample Pack
  • white craft glue
  • 2 big jump rings (big enough to reach one of the button holes)
  • 2 fishhook earring findings
  • chain nose pliers
Really? You cannot figure this out?
1. Choose three glitter colors you like for fall.
2. Squeeze the glue right from the bottle to cover approximately the bottom third of one triangle button. Shake one color of glitter to cover wet glue. Shake off the excess glitter.
3. Repeat to cover center of button with another of your colors of glitter.
4. Repeat to cover top third of button with last glitter color. Set aside to dry.

Keep in mind that this is a craft not an arithmetic problem, just estimate the thirds as you are applying glitter.

5. Repeat for the other button.
6. Assemble the earring. Using pliers, twist the jump ring open far enough to put an open end through a button hole. String a fishhook finding on the open jump ring. Close the jump ring, getting the ends to touch. Repeat with other earring.

You could make a bunch of these at one sitting. Also think about seasonal earrings and make them in Christmas colors or red/white/blue. If you don't have triangles, use any shape buttons.

I'd better see all of you wearing these earrings by next week.

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Anonymous { November 10, 2011 at 6:04 PM }
Thats a great finding, buttons for earrings, great idea!

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