Vintage Bakelite Necklace

 What's not to like with these bakelite pieces? They are vintage and color saturated.  My friend Karen has a bunch of vintage pieces from her Mother in Law. I have remade some of the pieces for her to be more contemporary, or to make several pieces out of one, so the granddaughters can each have a piece of Grandma's jewelry. This nice bakelite is hers.

 I did not get to see the original piece. When I got it, it had already been taken apart. 

What is bakelite exactly? It is the first plastic, and is really polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride. Not a very catchy name. It was an accidental discovery by a Belgian scientist named Baekeland in 1907. Read here for the story of bakelite. it is pretty interesting.

 I don't work much in warm colors, but I did have a few spacers and smaller beads to add in.

 I hooked the donuts together with circles of seed beads.

Then I  added a strand of the bi-cone beads and a strand of seed beads wrapped around it to form the rest of the necklace. 

Hope she likes it!
Take your Vitamin C!
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