It's a Process

 I had a project today and thought I would share the process. The goal was to make jewelry from these lampwork beads...that I did not make. The projects are for signage at Jo-Ann's. 

 I did some quick notes and drawings so I would be focused when I got to the store to purchase the rest of the stuff I needed.

 Then I went to Jo-Ann's to get findings and filler for the jewelry pieces and a couple other projects I am doing for them.  I spent an hour and 45 minutes gathering what I needed. Well, not really. I spent quite a lot of time in line to check out. I was number 16 in line. Wished I had packed a lunch. If they are going to make us wait that long in line, why don't they provide entertainment?

 Armed with everything I needed, I got the final tools ready. The computer for writing instructions as I made the projects...

 And Star Trek Voyager. I want to be Katherine Janeway when I grow up.

 I finished the four pieces. Strawberries. Worried it looks a little Christmassy, but could not really do anything about that.

 Like the bubbles?

 I just noticed the artichoke is upside down. ARGH! They say you should photograph your pieces to get a fresh perspective. It worked on this one!

I tied pieces of rick rack onto this to fill it in.  That makes the project less expensive. Rick rack is way cheaper than more beads for filler.

It was a good day and I used my Vitamin C.

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