Fashion Week Recap

 I have been cogitating on the photos I saved from New York Fashion Week.  Obviously, I am not a fashionista, and don't understand a lot about it. I probably only saw a fraction of what was shown in NY during the week. But, some things did jump out of the pile of photos I collected from many different fashion shows from the week.

Jewelry is a form of fashion, so it is fun to see what is happening out there. And maybe we will find some inspiration to use in jewelry making.

 See through clothes! In many forms.

 Floaty fabrics.

 Long and short.

 Two things in one here.....lots of color, which surprised me since when I think of the NY fashionistas, I think black. And there is a really bold use of stripes and colorblocking going on.

This crosses over to the trending I did recently for jewelry. Texture: feathers and fringe. It is also kind of floaty, so there is a crossover there too.

So, does anything inspire you that you can use in making jewelry? Or making anything else?

Take your Vitamin C!

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