Recycled Frame/Magnet Board

 Here is another thrift store purchase. It was half price, so it cost $7.  I had all of the other components at home. 

 Here is how I made it:
1. Take the frame apart.  Spray paint the frame hot pink.

 2. Use the cardboard photo backing. Paint 2-3 coats of magnet paint to cover the board. letting each coat dry in between. On top of that, paint the acrylic color you want to show. Mine is lime green. Let that dry.

3.  Make a border of zebra print duct tape.

 4.  Put the board back into the frame. Hot glue it in place if it doesn't have little prongs that hold it in.

5.  Hot glue big silk daisies onto magnets.

My frame already had a sawtooth hanger on it, so it was ready to go.  Cute for $7!

Use your Vitamin C!

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