Dorm Room Purse Name Plaques

And now a dorm room project for Niece 1! She requested name plaques of some kind for herself and her two roomies. I had fun making these!

 I got these three short handled purses at the thrift store. Yes, it is my hang out lately. 

To make your own purse name plaques, you need:
  • short handles leather purse(s) Mine are orange, lime green, hot pink
  • gesso
  • acrylic paint: black, white, hot pink, turquoise, orange, bright yellow, lime green
  • paint brushes: small round, medium flat
  • silk flowers on stems
  • black permanent marker (optional)
  • Tip Pen 
  • clear matte spray finish
  • palette

Here is what I did:
1. Paint gesso on the area of the purse you want to decorate. Let dry. Gesso is like a primer. It hides what is underneath.

 2. Use marker to draw lines to make black and white accents. You could do this with a small brush and acrylic paint. Follow the design of the purse to make these accents.

 3. Use the flat paintbrush and black paint to make squares as desired.

 4. Using small round brush and black acrylic, print desired name on purse. Let dry.

 5. Paint different size and color circles to make flowers. Add some leaves. I freehanded all of this, you can too. When the paint is dry, add some smaller circles of other colors in the centers of larger circles.

 6.  Put the Tip Pen on the bottle of white paint. Outline flowers and leaves.  Add dots and lines as desired to bring the flowers to life.  

7. Using the small round brush, add some green tendrils. Let paint dry a day. Spray a coat or two of clear finish over the paint. 

Paint as many as you want. Hang them vertically on the wall. Zip the purses up. Stick some daisies in.

You could paint words instead of names: 

Live Laugh Love
Hope Dreams Wishes
Pick up. Your. Clothes. 

Use your Vitamin C!

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3 creative thoughts:

Andrea { September 7, 2011 at 9:56 PM }
i really LOVE this idea!!
i go to thrift stores a lot and always see so many nice bags that I do not buy cuz I really do not need more bags..but wait ?NOW i have a very very goos and creative excuse thanks to you!!!!
Btw, i love the blog's name!
imklvr { September 12, 2011 at 9:02 PM }
Sheesh! Your talent knows no bounds! I'd like to have a purse like this to use!
Kim { September 13, 2011 at 3:06 PM }
imklvr, you are so kind. I hope Niece 1 likes them as much!

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