Jewelry Trends Fall 2011

I have been doing a little research on jewelry trends for fall and winter. When I do trend research, I always find some crazy stuff that the experts call trends, that I don't think anyone would really wear. I am skipping that stuff.  And I am sharing what I think is real.

  • A continuing trend....huge rings.  Of all kinds and materials.

  •  Bangles and cuffs, also not new, but getting size. You are going to have to get and use a set of dumbbells so that you can wear these things. Look for these big bracelets to trend into chokers. You won't be able to move your neck, but you will look fabulous, darling.

  •  Square bangles.  Why not? We have seen every round bangle that could ever be designed. It is a logical way for the trend to go.

  •  Feathers. I don't think I will be wearing feathers, but, they are emerging anyway. I have already made the Ke$ha hair feathers for Niece 3.  It is a mega trend with the high school/college crowd here in Michigan.  How about where you live? Girls go to a salon and have them woven into their hair, at great expense. Crazy. Niece 3 has them on clips. They look exactly the same for less than $1.

  •  Fringe. I have loved fringe ever since I was a four year old cowgirl.  It is emerging on everything. Get ready.

  • And the most important trend for fall....ankle length earrings. Glamorous.

There. Now we are ahead of the curve and know what to look for this fall.

Take Your Vitamin C!
P.S.  I was kidding about the ankle length earrings. HOOT! Can you imagine?

2 creative thoughts:

Cheap Sally { August 11, 2011 at 2:53 PM }
Oh my, ankle length earrings! Haha, I could only imagine all the earrings accidentally being stepped on or caught in doorways. There would be girls falling backward all over the place! Anyway, I found some amazing, in-style jewelry at and used a QVC promo code to lower the price. Just thought I'd let you all in on the deal!
Kim { August 12, 2011 at 1:49 PM }
Not practical, but they made us laugh right?

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