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There was a very special sewing party last night in Girl World. Two of my amazing middle school girls came over to make messenger bags. I love that they are interested in learning to sew and making things themselves. They are already crafters extraordinaire. They have picked up a few sewing skills here and there and learned a little more on their own. They really did a good job on a project that I would not classify as beginner.

Right now, my Mom is laughing. I was never a patient seamstress and not known for that skill in family circles. Mom, I can do it, I just choose not to most of the time.  

 They learned some new things like turning a piece, topstitching, and sewing on snaps and buttons. They did every bit themselves, except when they had to stitch through 8 layers of heavy canvas and 2 needles broke. I did a tiny bit for them to finish up.

And then this happened.  The electricity went out.  We entertained ourselves for an hour before we gave up.

 Back at it this morning!

 Thanks to my girls at Blumenthal Lansing for the big buttons. They are oversized and fabulous colors and you can get them at Michaels in the notions department.

The final projects.  Terrific!

Share your Vitamin C with the next generation!

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votemom { September 2, 2011 at 9:33 PM }
super cute and super special.

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