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I am having one of those Kim-renowned super duper busy weeks. 
  • I prepared and defended my thesis this morning...and passed with flying colors. My committee chair wants me to come to the university and give a seminar, and then take it on the road to national worship conferences. Stinking cool.  
  • I have a couple nice big jobs pending, I so love that!
  • I am trying to prep for my mission trip which is in 12 days. I am buying online a lot, but still have other shopping and prepping to do. I now know everything you might ever need to know about all available flooring. Just ask me.
  • Have two bracelet classes this week and a jewelry sale.
  • Sweating a lot. Seriously, I thought I moved back to Michigan and it feels like I still live in Texas.
  • Oh, and I am trying to get a few hours of sleep in too.

But, I did set aside a couple hours to do a little something fun. So, Sunday night I made a journal, and mindlessly painted backgrounds on all the pages with my favorite colors. It was relaxing.

And I did one page, I guess it will be the cover. I did a little doodling and added some paper and paint. The flowers started as circles of paper cut out with pinking shears. If you look closely, you can see the pinked edge. It adds a bit of texture. Then I added some swoops of paint with a big round brush. That added some depth. Pretty OK for a midnight, eyes slamming shut, project.

I am feeling thankful that God is blessing my mission trip so much and so visibly.  

  • People are supporting us with money and encouragement.
  • We had 65 women come to a bead soup party and we raised a lot of money. 
  • A group of women at church paid for the flooring we need to install.  
  • I got a great discount on seven cabinets that I bought to build and install.  
  • One team member bought 4 high chairs on her account that gets free shipping. 
  • Three amazing women, out of the blue, volunteered to take care of all of our meals for us during the trip. It is such a huge relief not to have to worry about feeding everyone on top of 4 full days of projects and the logistics involved in all of that.
  • And so on, it has been going like that for everything.
God is blessing us and preparing our needs to do His good work!

I need my Vitamin C x 100 this week.

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votemom { August 10, 2011 at 9:39 AM }

and i'm really, really thankful to hear about all the support for the mission trip. Go God!
Kim { August 10, 2011 at 11:15 PM }

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