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 I started the day yesterday with a special guest at my make it take it table. Mr. Levinson, he company's Chairman of the Board sat down to craft with me. He is a very interesting man, and he had his own creative ideas in making his Valentine's Day card. The best part for me was the way the Blumenthal Lansing employees hovered with cameras to take pics of him.  So Cute they were!

 This is felt from Kunin Felt. Do you love it?

I like the variety of displays and booths on the trade show floor. Some are really creative. This one, so simple, caught my eye. I like its simplicity and doodley-ness. Doodles are trendy and at the same time have a retro look that perfectly fits the product being sold in this booth.

 I had the most fun with these sisters from Quebec. I told them my 11th great Grandfather founded their city. HOOT! I could tell they thought I was a nut. They were trying hard to respond politely when I told them his name was Louis Hebert, and there is a statue of him there. Both of them made the O shape with their mouths as their eyes went wide and then they asked if they could take my picture. hahahahaa!  You have to take your 15 minutes of fame wherever you can get it!

We had dinner last night in a new restaurant called The Ranch. The walls in the entrance area were covered in hundreds of belts.  It smelled so good. The hostess told us the belts came from all over the country and had to match certain size and visual standards to be included in the wall.

Then I caught the red eye home.  5 hours of sitting next to two people hyped up on a Hawaiian vacation..... They made it their mission to not allow me to sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, they asked to be let in or out of the row, or they had some weird comment to whisper in my ear (Do you think they left the lights on in the Grand Canyon tonight?), or I got a beer spilled down my leg. Yes, I was so tired I was twitching when we landed. Going away is fun, but getting home is good too.

Take Your Vitamin C!

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