Why Should Christmas Have All the Fun?

 I have collected a bunch of Christmas ornaments that look great in Girl World. It might be weird, but I do not decorate for Christmas. I leave my ornaments out all year. You could look at it that I decorate for Christmas all year long, or my ornaments are not Christmas ornaments. Or. You could just like it for what it is, like I do.

 I am really liking the branch-in-the-house thing right now. I have one in the living room and now I am adding one to Girl World. Here is my nice branch from Dad's backyard.

 I wanted to spray it silver. Santa Claus gave me this really cool spray can thing. It goes on the top of the can and you squeeze the trigger to spray. I love it. I could spray all day. And it makes a very even coat of color. My fingers don't get tired or coated with paint. You need one.

 Sprayed silver. It is very pretty in person.

 Wired to the ceiling in Girl World.....It isn't heavy, so I used a couple pieces of craft wire.

Holding my sparkly ornaments. I need more to fill it up!

P.S. If you are tall, you are going to have to duck a bit. :)

Use your Vitamin C!

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