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At CHA this week, I will be selling buttons, so I really wanted to sell buttons!

 Do you think this will set off the metal detector at the airport? hahaha! I love all of these Blumenthal Lansing buttons, some metal and some rhinestone. All of them look vintage, but they are not! You can buy these at your fabric or craft store right now.

It was a fun project. Watching a movie while sewing buttons on was relaxing.

After a trip to the Salvation Army store, where I bought a jacket for $8, I stitched one lapel full of buttons, both antique gold and antique silver. I used shiny metallic embroidery floss (gold, black, and copper). I cannot tell a lie. That stuff made me say a few bad words inside my head. It is more prone to knotting than cotton floss. But, the little bit of shine it added was worth it. It makes me want to touch it every time I look at it. Texture and shine!

When you go to buy that shiny floss, take a coupon!

I added some french knots and some straight stitches to fill in some places.

Then, I added gathered brown tulle along the entire lapel/collar. The tulle was left over from lamp tutus. It is on a roll, 8" wide. I folded the width in half and made running stitches along the fold. After I pulled the thread to gather slightly, I tacked it to the underside of the lapel/collar. It is exactly the same process I show in my lamp post, except I stitched instead of glued.

Now, I love the buttons and am unsure about the lapel tutu. What do you think?

Love that Vitamin B(uttons)!!!
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3 creative thoughts:

The Diplomat { January 27, 2012 at 7:46 PM }
Thinking the tulle should be on one side....
Kim { January 27, 2012 at 9:45 PM }
Thank you, I also think it is too much as it is.....
Joy! { January 27, 2012 at 11:04 PM }

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