Fabric Bible Cover

To help me remember my word for 2012, redeem, I did a little project tonight. It took me about 30 minutes.

 This is a pocket size Bible. I have carried it in my purse for years.  Looks like it, right? It is well used. 

 This piece of fabric has been calling me from the stash.

 Using Mod Podge, I covered the bible with the fabric. I applied one coat to glue the fabric down, and two coats to seal the fabric. Once the Mod Podge is dry, it is very easy to trim the fabric with a pair of scissors, at the edge of the cover.

Then I covered a small piece of heavy watercolor paper with another piece of fabric, and added a border of rick rack.

Using a glue gun, I glued it to the front. With a white paint pen, I wrote my word. It will be a great reminder every time I take it out of my purse. And, it looks a little better, I think.

Use your Vitamin C to help you with your 2012 resolutions, whatever they are!

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