Reminder by Beads

 Being such a visual person, it is helpful to me to have reminders I can see. If I can wear them, it is even better.

 Remember that redeem is my word for 2012. Knowing myself, I know that reminders of my plan will be important, at least until I make the habit my own.

I made letter beads to spell my word, and put them into a bracelet. Colorwise, it is almost monotone, which is not my usual. But, the good side to that is that the palette is pretty neutral, so I will be able to wear it with most anything.

I found the twisted bugle beads and the bi-cone crystals (khaki AB) in the stash, and they were a great match to my letter beads. See the small disc beads on the bugle bead strand? The holes are larger than the bugle beads, so the discs slide back and forth in their sections. It adds some movement to the bracelet. I like that!

Do you need a helpful reminder of your new year's resolution yet?
Use your Vitamin C!

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