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I am in California and the CHA show starts tomorrow. Today was filled with travel, booth set up, sneaking into an interesting program, a fabulous dinner, and a visit with friends from Florida, China, and Japan. I now can hardly keep my eyes open. Is it any wonder?

I sort of snuck into a program this afternoon that was meant for retailers.  It was 20 of the top new products in the industry. Each manufacturer was allowed 60 seconds to sell said new product. Wow, some did great. Some really need copywriters. I have been in this industry 23598 years and I have seen it all, so most of this was not really new.

But, I share with you three products that impressed me in some way. I will categorize them as What is the Point?, I am Not Sure, and I Would Buy That!.

What is the Point?
This is a glue gun that you plug into the USB port of your computer. At first, I thought, cool! Then I wondered why. What reason could you have to plug your glue gun into your computer? Seems slightly dangerous. Kind of a novelty, maybe, but does not seem practical.

I am Not Sure
This is a shoe application by Kodak, called Shoe Attitude. You run the film through your computer, so you can have any design in the universe on your tennis shoes, even photos. Then you glue the film to the shoe. They used a glue stick. Yes, a glue stick you buy at the drug store. You and I both know that is not going to stay on there. They say it will last a couple weeks. I am doubtful. Their idea is that you will want to keep changing the design on your shoes.  It did look cool, but I was not completely sold.

I Would Buy That!
This is an interchangeable upholstery tack. They come in stone and gems. You pound the tack into the furniture...headboard, sofa, chair, ottoman wall, etc. Then the head screws onto the tack. You can then unscrew the head, and change it to a different look if you want. They made quite a statement. Pretty cool.

 And this is where the randomness hits its peak. These are ceiling light fixtures in my hotel. They are huge, and stinking cool.

And, even though this glass installation was  a Chihuly knock-off, it was pretty and it was 2 feet away from me at dinner tonight. 

Taking the toothpick that are propping my eyes open out, and going to sleep. CHA 2012, day 1 tomorrow.

Take Your Vitamin C!

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