Yarn Bombing

 I ran across the art of yarn bombing a couple weeks ago and have been doing some research.  People are doing this all over the world. Think of it as yarn graffiti.  They do it in public spaces.  Sometimes it gets torn down by a big fat killjoy, and sometimes it is allowed to remain.  Groups do huge projects.  Individuals do small projects.  Who thought this up? I think it is a super creative idea.

Sometimes they are tagged by the group who did it, leaving a website address or information on how to join the yarn bombing group.

 I have been pondering the question of art versus waste because of this. I am all for art, and I love this concept.  But, would the time and expense be better spent for someone in need?

I am reading through this book, it is amazing. I shared it with a couple young friends of mine. They also were drawn to it and we are thinking about starting a yarn bombing group of your own.  They answered my question by saying we should add scriptures to our bombs. We could add invitations to church or church events as well.  Don't you love young people? So creative.

You  might consider joining the Yarn Bombing page on facebook. There I learned about a huge project that set my mind completely to rest on the issue.  A group in England, bombed a city bus.  Yeah, the whole bus is covered in yarn.  You can see a pic of it either in the book (which I bought used for only a couple dollars on Amazon) or on the facebook page.  They drove the bus around for a day for everyone to see.  Then, they took the huge piece apart, making blankets that they sent to Africa to Aids orphans.

There is a big opportunity for a women's ministry here, I think.  It could involve women in your church and women in the community at large.

Does it spark any ideas for you? Please share!

2 creative thoughts:

votemom { January 25, 2011 at 1:44 PM }
if you need to have a dry-run and practice, i would personally LOVE a yarn-bombed tree!

as far as your new blog goes... it will take some getting used to. but, i will embrace it. ;o)
Kim { January 25, 2011 at 6:43 PM }
Thank you for indulging me...

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