French Watch Bracelet

I recently attended Gift Market in Atlanta.  One reason I go is to keep an eye on trends.  One jewelry  trend I saw was the fabric cuff bracelet. There were fabric cuffs of all kinds, even fur with giant pearls sewed on. 

I am not too much of a cuff bracelet girl, but there is one style I think I can wear.  It is just a silk cord wrapped around the wrist and tied.

Last summer, on my mission trip, we all spent a day in France. Yeah. We started at a flea market that was so stinkin' cool that I could have moved in and lived there.  Funny though, Wonder Woman and I had fun looking around but everyone else sat in the hallway bored to death. They let us stay one hour. I cried when they made me leave.

I haggled for three old watches. Weird, that I made it home with only two. Do you think the seller kept one or something? I have no explanation. Anyway, I remembered today that I have those watches. There is no point in putting in new batteries since they tell the time in French, so I opted for some kind of jewelry.

So, I took one off the band. I kept the small dangle...I cannot tell what is on the dangle, it might be a person, but I can't see it well enough. So, I am saying it is Saint Imaginina, Patron Saint of Creativity. 

I also added a rhinestone ball, and then slid it onto a silk cord.  It ties around the wrist.  Fastest and easiest jewelry project I ever made.

Ooh la la!
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