Mission Trip Wall Art

Today at church, we started a two week series on missions.  It started me thinking about past and future mission trips. My own women's missions group is steeped in creativity. We redo rooms in homes and we always add some unique art to personalize the work we do.

During our preparation for our trip to Pontiac, Michigan, we all read My Heart in His Hands, Ann Judson of Burma, written by Sharon James. It is the story of the first American woman in foreign missions service. We read about the struggles of sickness , politics, lost children, emprisonment, and uncountable more horrible things she endured. But also as we read about her trials, we saw her heart. No matter what was thrown in her path, her focus was always on God. She always trusted that He was in control. It is an amazing and inspirational story.

It is important to me to leave behind a piece of art that expressed Ann Judson's missionary heart.  She was very inspiring and several of her thoughts touched me as so truthful:

  • While thus recounting the mercies of God to my soul, I am particularly affected by two considerations: the richness of that grace, which called and stopped me in my dangerous course, and the ungrateful returns I made for so distinguished a blessing.
  • ...constantly to bear in mind that I am in the presence of God.
  • ...the obligation I feel to try to be useful, has induced me to comply.
  • I ought not to consult my own ease; the question should be, how can I be most useful in the world?
  • I am a creature of God and He has an undoubted right to do with me, as seemeth good in His sight.
  • Blessed Jesus, I am thine forever. Do with me what Thou wilt; lead me in the path in which Thou wouldest have me to go, and it is enough.
  • But if the way were plain and easy, where would be the room for confidence in God?

On a large canvas that we found in the basement of the house, I did a combination of decoupaged words and painted/lettered words that came straight from Ann Judson. It was a way to share what inspired us in our pre-trip study.

Try something similar with inspirations from your own ready or study. it is a good way to keep the feeling fresh after you finish the book.

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