Beacons of Light

Saturday night, I was invited to participate in a middle school activity at church called Beacons of Light. It is an event to introduce the kids to missions and missionaries. The middle school leaders are very creative in designing their events to get kids to attend, and of all of the year's programs, this one always has the highest attendance.

How? They turn the lights off around the church and let the kids walk around with flashlights looking for the hidden missionaries. I hid in the dark attic for a couple hours...behind the heating ducts and piles of sports equipment. 

The kids must ask each missionary a set of questions and also some they make up themselves. The were attentive and interested. During their hunt around the church, they can be arrested and taken to jail for awhile.....just because they are there.

Funny questions I was asked that were not on the list:

  • Aren't you totally creeped out in here?
  • How in the world did you get in here?

At the end of the evening, they all meet and the leaders explain more about missions and missionaries.  They hear about God's great commission for believers to go out into the world and spread the word.  Then, they introduce the upcoming middle school summer mission trip. The kids love the summer mission trips and they always have a good crowd.

I am always looking for ways to interest women in joining the women's mission trip each summer. Do you think if I let them walk around the church in the dark with flashlights, they would join? I would be happy to put them in jail, if that helps.

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