Surprise Blessings

The city is two years into the project to redo my street. Last summer, the north end got a facelift, and this summer it has been our turn down here on the south end. The plan gives us new sewers, curbs, and street.  I admit I was not looking forward to this, afraid of the mess, noise and dirt.

Turns out, it was not only painless, but there was a surprise blessing I had not thought about. Traffic has not been able to drive down the street for two months. It has been delightfully quiet, and I am now wishing for them to take a little longer to finish up. There has been a bit of noise, not much...and dirt has filtered in the windows all summer, and this has been the view out my side window the whole time, but sleeping at night without the crazy high school kids squealing tires and blaring music has been like a vacation.

Loving my Vitamin Ahhhhhhhh!

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