Introducing the 10 Year Plan

Three weeks ago after a kind of toxic confrontation from a co-worker (I did not bite because I refuse to be on the Jerry Springer Show), I decided to make a 10 year plan. For retirement. I do not have confidence that I will have enough money in 10 years to be able to retire...because of all of the same reasons all of us are worried about it.

I totally believe that I will still need to work past retirement age. I will have had my fill of corporate America in 10 years...not that anyone will want a 65 year old woman working for them...and I really do not want to be the greeter at Wal-Mart. Do you need a cart today? So, I need a plan. I do not mind working, but I will need something I can do at home, setting my own schedule.

Following is my initial 10 year plan. 

  • when I am ready to retire, I am going to sell this house and buy a small cottage by a lake and a tree, and make it stinking cottagey cute. It is going to have screen doors that will swing shut and a fireplace for the winter, and I am going to track sand inside and work whatever hours I want, and say no to all toxic people.
  • I am going to plant a vegetable garden.
  • I am going to have a sleek little wind turbine for electricity.
  • I am going to build patio furniture out of palettes, or whatever crazy thing people are doing on Pinterest in 2023.
  • And I am going to support myself doing design work and writing, and maybe selling some jewelry at the local tourist boutique. The thought of sitting and working by a sunny window (or the fireplace) in my lake cottage makes me very happy. I think about it every day now.
  • I will drive my stinking cute canned ham trailer, with my Jeep, down to see The Human Pin Ball in the winters.
  • And I am going to praise Jesus for taking care of me and blessing me for a life of working my heinie off

That is actually more like the 10th year plan, isn't it? Now I need plans to work on for the first nine years that will get me to that place.  Stay tuned.......

Anyone else planning for retirement? Or in it already? Do you have anything to share?

Going to need my Vitamin C for the 10 year plan!

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