Heavens to Betsey

 I had to be at the mall today. It's no secret that I would rather be most anyplace than the mall. Especially on a Saturday. So, to improve my attitude, I stopped to see what Betsey is up to. I have followed Betsey's design career since high school. She started as a clothing designer, and now designs accessories too.

Maybe I am drawn to Betsey's work because she and I have something in common.  We both performed in many dance recitals while growing up. We both have a soft spot for costume. In fact, I have always wondered if I should have been a costume designer for Country Western singers.

So, while I am not going to wear a googly eyed pink lobster, I do like keeping up with Betsey now and then.


Her stuff is definitely not for everyone. But it's fun to check it out.

One more thing about Betsey...she does a cartwheel on the runway at the end of every one of her fashion shows. She is 71 years old!

Tap into some Betsey kind of creativity this week!

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