Prayer Flags

Prayer flags have been kind of on my mind for awhile, so when I facilitated a summer Bible study at my house, I thought it would be a good addition.

I cut out fabric and batting triangles with my pinking shears and stitched them together with ribbon loops.They are two sided, so I can have two sets of prayer flags if I turn them around.

When my classmates arrived, the flags were hanging in the living room where we would have class. Anybody who wanted to write a prayer, did that on a white fabric triangle and pinned it to the line of flags.

We prayed scripture and thoughts that were meaningful from our study. We even had a prayer written from a verse of the song Swing Low Sweet Chariot. I never really looked at the words to that song. Some of them had great meaning to us.

Everyone will get to take home their prayer flags. If you are interested in the history of prayer flags or would like to see other kinds of flags people make, try this website. You can also search facebook for prayer flags and you will find some pages.

Use your Vitamin C and your favorite technique!

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