Trend Report-Opposites Day

 It is odd that two very opposite things are trending at the same time, but they are. I guess it is because they are desired by two very different subsets of people on this earth. The first is overexpensive luxury items. AKA, stuff for people with more money than sense. It almost made me sick looking at these, thinking about how much money is being spent that could be going for some real good in the world.

So, this Louis Vuitton purse goes for $35,000. You might be able to get your cell phone in it. 

 This is a Japanese watermelon that cost $6,100. It looks pretty much like any garden variety watermelon, doesn't it? 

 An 8.4 million dollar (yes, million) iPad made of gold. How many iPads could the owner buy for school kids?

 And a $445, 000 shirt. Comes in its own vault. 

 And on the opposite end of that is the green movement, also called upcycling. In my day, we called it trash to treasure. Only, I think we have lost sight of treasure in an effort to use garbage up.

This is exactly what you think it is.  Want one?


 Really? Doesn't that hurt to wear?

 Used wall hooks, must be heavy.  And scratchy at the bottoms.

 This one wins my vote. I think it is clever, functional, and cute.

Guess they don't know this is against the law and you can be ticketed for it?

Your thoughts?
Take your Vitamin C!

2 creative thoughts:

votemom { November 8, 2011 at 7:40 PM }
is that dress made of what i think it is?
Kim { November 10, 2011 at 10:41 AM }
Yes. I don't even have to pose the question, "Creative or Crazy?" do I?

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