Antique Jewelry

This has been unearthed from Grandma's jewelry box. I don't know a thing about antiques. But, this is what I think about these particular pieces:

  • We think these were Great Grandmother's.
  • From the tiny bit of research I did, they might be lapel pins. I think they are too short for hat pins.
  • They could be from the early 1900's... or even earlier.
  • They could be from Germany.
Let this be a lesson to you. Write notes about all of your jewelry pieces for your Great Granddaughter, so she knows what they are and how old they are. I know. None of us are going to do that, but I sure wish GG did that for me.

I love those little boots. They even have tread on the bottom.

Anyone know something about antique jewelry and have an idea what they really are?

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