Knitting From the Stash

I wrote yesterday about Trash to Treasure. Today's project is about Stash to Treasure. I am working on some Christmas ornaments and went digging through the stash to see what I had for yarns and fibers. I found two skeins that were too pretty to cut up for ornaments. They are mostly acrylic with some mohair and are so soft.

They were small skeins, so I knew I was not going to get a scarf, unless it was 2" wide. Scarfette? I have been thinking about these neck wraps, maybe for Christmas presents.  I am not sure what you really call them, but I have been drawn to them for some reason. So, I knitted up the skeins 15 stitches wide in garter stitch. It turned out to be about 24" long.

I had these two Blumenthal buttons. They are metal, kind of bronzey, with plaid lines on the top. They were perfect for this. I stitched them onto one end of the scarf.

Now, I am not a fabuloso knitter, and I am a lazy one. I enjoy the mindlessness of working the needles, but can't be bothered to think too hard about it. So, where I should have put two buttonholes, I did not. But, the buttons were small enough to fit through the stitches.

And then I found out that the scarf is big enough to fit over my head, so I don't have to button and unbutton each time it is worn.  It just slips on, looks pretty, keeps the neck warm, and then slips off.

Sometimes it just all works out when you take your Vitamin C!

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