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 So, you know that I am working on the team to makeover a lot of kid's bedrooms, and that we do not have a money tree. That means we make some things ourselves. Of course, I love that. 

So, this morning, I went to Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods to see what is currently trendy in wall art for kid's rooms. Why re-invent the wheel? And I got some good ideas!

 The background is newspaper or book pages. I think you could draw over the top with paint, markers, or even crayons. 

 Encouraging words.

 This is a framed piece of paper. The words are on the top of the glass. It gives it depth.

 Felt flowers are added to the painting. It could be any element done in felt, fabric, paper, burlap, newspaper, anything.

 Another with book pages background and design on the glass.

 An open wood frame, no backing, with wood shapes filling the space. You see through to the wall color.

 Background on square canvas is painted or is a piece of scrapbook paper.  The design is wood, but it could be paper or canvas, attached with pop dots.

 Background is a patchwork of scrapbook paper. The fire engine is painted.

 Song lyrics. This would be really meaningful to give to a child with the words to the song her Mother sings to her.

 I thought this was a canvas until I got close enough to touch it. It is a double layer of window screen. Painted. It is really lightweight, and inexpensive. It made me very excited because I have a roll of window screen in the garage!

Even better, it can be cut into shapes. Love this!

Now, I have some basic ideas, and it is time to use my Vitamin C!

How about you?

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