Today was a fun day. I spent the afternoon in Central Detroit with two vans full of team leaders for the Bs in the D project. Because I am overseeing the whole project, I have not (YET!) taken on any rooms to design and lead myself. This has given me an opportunity I have never had before. I am able to spend time with the kids we are meeting. Chatting with them and their parents has been quite enjoyable!

This is Keisa. She lives with her two older sisters and her Mother in a home that CDC built. They own it, making them a wonderful little success story. The girls were darling, as well as the home. I got to interview Keisa. 

Me: If you could have anything in your room, what would it be? Go crazy. I am not promising, but say what you really want, just in case we can make it happen.
Keisa: Hello Kitty. I visited the Hello Kitty store and was there for an hour! I loved everything.
Me: Wow, that is a lot of pink.
Keisa: YEAH!

 This is Maciyah. We met her last weekend when we were there doing our leader training rooms. She lived across the street. She spent part of the afternoon, quietly in a corner, watching.  When we knocked on her door today, she was literally jumping and wiggling with excitement.  Maciyah has a gold medal from school for having a 4.0 average, does not want to grow up to be the President because that is way too much to do, and has interest in being a designer. In fact, she had some very good ideas of things we could do in her room. First she said to get rid of the wall color. We all agreed!

 Dan measured Devon's room. There were what seemed like 323493 little kids running around. Turns out it was only three. One had his underwear on backward. Not sure why I found that funny, but I did. Mom was not home and Devon (big brother to all), got Mom on the phone while we were there. So, little sister helped Dan hold the end of the tape against the wall to get the needed measurements.

 I turned around and there she was. She needed to know how the distance from the bed to the ceiling!

 Autumn could totally not believe that her brother Jeremy would not put down the game controller and pose for the camera. She talked to him about it and he had no interest. 

Never mind. Autumn knows how to pose!

We drove the neigborhood in a big van. When we turned one corner, we saw a Mom jumping up and down on the porch, clapping and yelling.  What better welcome could we have had? She lived in the house with her son, whose room we are making over. The house is a glorious old victorian that has so seen better days. The inside was quite bad and there was no heat. In the living room, she had gorgeous victorian sofas. Gorgeous. She told us she inherited the house from her Grandmother. Her Grandmother used to drive a cab. She moved on to be the bookkeeper of the cab company, and ultimately became the president of City Cab.  

And, I thought, when you have the blood of that woman in your veins, you are going to survive!

Now the meet and greets have begun. It is time for the Vitamin C to flow!

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Lori Anderson { November 30, 2012 at 9:17 PM }
Awesome pink -- and I totally hear you about boys not putting down the game controller!

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