Flowers for Beds

If you have read my post on zip code 48202, you know I am working on a project to buy beds for kids in Central Detroit. If not, you can read about it here.

To begin raising some money for this project, I am offering some pins/pendants made by me. You will find them in my Etsy shop. Every cent you send me for these flowers will go toward the project. 

I have made these flowers so you can pin them to your shirt, jacket, or bag. Or, you can string a cord or chain through the ring on the back and wear it as a pendant. I have attached several to a necklace chain and it is quite striking. When I wear it, people stop me on the street to ask about it.

I call them faux enameled flowers because they are made of paper but look like vintage metal flower pins. They are heavily glazed and are quite sturdy. 

Maybe you could use one as a Christmas gift. Every dollar is going to this very important bedroom project.

Thank you!! 

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