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 This week, I worked on a project for my friend Jane Anne. Her Mom is turning 90. How awesome is that? Rightly so, they are having a big party. I made her some terra cotta flower pot jewelry for the tables at the party. I also made some wire photo holders that can stick in the pots.

They are fast and inexpensive. And the little flower button adds just the right touch.

 Cut a length of 18 gauge steel wire. Decide on the length according to how long you want the holder to be. Get the wire at the hardware store. For $3, I got enough wire to make more than my attention span can manage.

Using round nose pliers, wrap a tight loop at one end of wire.

 Hold the loop flat, with chain nose pliers. Wrap wire into a spiral. It does not have to look great, because the button will cover almost all of it.

Adjust the long wire so it looks like a lollipop.

Using floss, or yarn, or string, or elastic cord, knot a flower button to the center loop. Just the center loop. The rest of the wire circles have to be free for the photo to slide in between.

The flower buttons are from Blumenthal Lansing. You can get them at Michaels in a value bag.

I stuck mine in a plant. It would be a cute addition to a plant for a gift or Mom, Auntie, or Grandma.

Use your Vitamin C!

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Unknown { July 12, 2012 at 4:44 AM }
Awesome ideas and a grea blog.Today I am using my vitamin C lol Love and Hugs Tanya

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