Journals, Mosquitos, and VBS

 I have been away for 8 days in the way north of Wisconsin with a group of high schoolers from church. Our mission there was to share Jesus with children on the Chippewa and Potawatomi  reservations. Not working much with kids, I did not know what to expect. I was happily surprised by the high schoolers on the trip. They had open minds and hearts, worked hard, and invested their whole selves. Pretty awesome.  

Man, did they have the most brutal mosquitos I have ever seen! Or felt. And scratched. We are all covered in welts. But, pleased with the way everything else went on the trip.

And, how beautiful are the native kids????

In between Vacation Bible School and some work projects, I gave the girls blank journals so they could note what they were doing and learning. The journals were made of watercolor paper. They had permanent markers, watercolor pencils, and water brushes.

 They traced stencils or drew their own designs, and watercolored them in. They really did a great job.

The most awesome part was that I saw several of them actually continuing their journals throughout the week. 

A little Vitamin C added to the week!

If you have never used watercolor pencils, you can give them a try for a very small investment. I took my coupon to Michaels and found them at several different price points. I bought the value box of 24 that cost $3 with my 40% off coupon. They worked as well as the $15 box. 

Just draw or color on watercolor paper. Then brush over the color with water. We used hollow brushes that are filled with water. The water makes the pencil bleed and smooth out. The color will travel a long way across the paper and give you a nice watery look. It is so easy, anyone can do it, and it looks just like you painted it.

Take your Vitamin W! (watercolor!)

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