trash to ?

Last week, I left a big pile of trash on the stage at church. It is actually the current stage set, relating and hopefully adding to the summer sermon series. I did light it so it should seem to be deliberate and not just trash that did not get thrown away. Truthfully, it was kind of fun putting trash and fake trash in a pile on the stage.

The series is on Nehemiah. Nehemiah's claim to fame is his obedience in rebuilding Jerusalem. So, my stage theme is recycling, reusing, rebuilding. It has given me inner giggles to think about what some reactions might be to a big ugly pile of junk as a visual that is in the line of sight of everyone. I cannot be ignored. 

In a couple of weeks, I will recycle, reuse, and rebuild that pile of trash into something new. It will be fun anticipating reactions to that too.

Use your Vitamin C!

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