Big is Beautiful

 I am working on a big bangle bracelet design.

 Bangle bracelets have been trendy for awhile but as this year progressed, they got bigger and bolder.

 Until they are almost more of a garment than an accessory.

 So, I am getting in on that. I made these segments that are almost 3" tall. They are fabric covered watercolor paper.  Big-ish, but very lightweight. See where I made the holes? They get hooked together there with beads and wire.

 I made 36 bead dangles for this bracelet. I keep a jar of black spacer beads and a jar of silver spacer beads. There are many sizes, shapes and bead materials in the jars. I use black and silver spacer beads a lot, so I throw everything I like and everything leftover into those jars. It beats having to dig up enough beads for each project. Handy.

I wired the segments together, attaching the dangles on the wires. The bracelet wraps nicely around the wrist. And, it makes a statement, wouldn't you say?

Did you notice the one red bead? I had a choreography professor in college (I have an undergrad education degree in dance) who always said, "Give the audience a flower." By that, she meant to add something into the dance that was surprising, unusual, even eccentric...a moment to make the audience say "oooooh."  Since choreography is pretty much design (movement design), I think that advice can be used in other designing. So, I put in one red bead, hoping to give the audience a flower.

Amazing what can be done with paper.
Use your Vitamin C!

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karen { December 5, 2011 at 10:22 PM }
Came across a shop today that you might like: World of Rocks 42 n. Huron Street, Ypsilanti
She has some cool things that you could include in your cool things!

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