My Second First: Trash or Treasure

Last night, I went to a Trash or Treasure party. Each guest brought 10 items she wanted to get rid of. Upon arrival, we put them into categories on tables, like kitchen, holidays, jewelry, home dec, etc.

We had time to look around at all of the offerings. So, we secretly picked out the items we wanted to take home. Some things were brand new, some were really used.

Oh yeah, snacks!

Our hostess announced round 1. We each selected the thing we wanted most. She gave us 10 minutes to make a good decision. Then she rang a bell and announced round 2. We chose again. And so on.

I had a mental list of 5 things, and would you believe it? Every one of those things went in round 1. Bummer! They were good....

So I tried to think creatively and ended up happy with the stuff I selected to take home. My first pic was the dictionary. I plan to use it to cut up for mixed media projects.

I also got a hard back cook book. I am going to paint the pages and make myself a cookbook with new recipes that I try and like.

These are cookie decorating thing a ma jigs, I don't know what they are really called. They could be used for that or to press into clay, or for painting backgrounds.

I had a great time, met some fabulous women, got rid of some stuff I didn't want, and got a few new things that did not cost me a cent.

Who doesn't love a party with a purpose?
Use your Vitamin C!

The First First

Earlier this week, the Human Pinball sent me a link to a blog written by a woman who made a pact to do something she has never done every single day for a year. She blogged about it and turned it into a book. While there is no way I am going to follow her idea and do something new every day, I think I might be able to do something new now and then.

So, this week, I had my first first. I got selected to be on the jury for a federal criminal case. Of course, I can't really talk about it yet, but I will say that I am fascinated in many ways. The jury selection process was so interesting. There were about 50 people called that day, and they went through about 40 of us to pick 14. After awhile, I could predict who they would excuse.

So far, we have heard opening statements and seen 3 cute police officer witnesses. The judge, who is darling, says we should have just a couple more days. My fellow jurors are very interesting, including a woman who performed on Broadway for 10 years.

The only thing that I find annoying, is that while the judicial process is steeped in tradition, it is also ridiculously redundant in many ways that make a trial last too long and cost a lot.

My favorite story that I can share: during the jury selection, we were all asked if there was anything in our beliefs that would stop us from making a fair judgement. One young man, 26 years old, gave a big speech about hating big government and not trusting lawyers so he felt he could not make an unbiased decision.  It was obvious he was just trying to get excused from the jury. The judge did excuse him, but told him he would be attending every day until the case was finished so he could see how the judicial system works.  And the first day of court, there he was sitting in the courtroom, even wearing a suit and tie. I applauded the judge and then wanted to be one if I could boss people around like that!

I will admit that this is way out of my normal scope of life and I am enjoying it as well as seeing the importance of taking it seriously.

However..... I don't think the use of Vitamin C is probably a good idea in the court room.

Take Your Vitamin C.... or not!

Paper Mayhem

Tonight while I was wasting time on Facebook, I came across this 4 year old dress designer and her Mom. I love everything about this story and am inspired to try construction paper as a building material. Check her out: Paper Dresses by Mayhem

I cannot remember being this cognizant of anything at that age. Well, maybe reading. I loved reading. Would all kids show this kind of creativity if encouraged? And where would we be if that was the case?

Give your 4 year olds some Vitamin C!

Creative Combination

Being an ex-dancer and a would-be artist, I found this fascinating. Even if it does not resonate with you in the same way, maybe it will spur you to think about combining two things you love into something new. Something that was made for you and by you. Very creative!

Here's more….

Use your Vitamin C!

Pink and Black Necklace Re-Do

 I made this necklace many years ago. The construction is embarrassingly simple. The   base is some twisted black cords held together by endcaps.  The beads and charms are attached by tieing them on with black embroidery floss. Simple. No tools required (well, scissors), and it has held up for years.

But when I wear it, it bugs me. It never looks right to me on any neckline.  The beads don't flow up the necklace far enough to suite me.

So, I made some more beads and tied them on. I like it so much better looking fuller!

This is a good technique to spruce up an old necklace or one you purchased that you are tired of. Just add a few more beads.

Use your Vitamin C!

Some Color for a White World

I love winter, but it is so white. Working on this colorful project this week was fun, love the colors!

The Amazing Helen at Blumenthal Lansing sent me some new embellishment packs. I made this fabric cuff bracelet for Jo-Ann fabrics. The package had buttons in three sizes and four colors, beads, and embroidery floss. All I needed to make this bracelet was a yard of grosgrain ribbon and a needle.

Stay tuned for more info on product and package when they hit the store.

Use your Vitamin C!

A Short Memory Pays Off

 The best part about writing a bead making column is that once I mail off my pieces, I forget they exist. Then, when the magazine mails them back after photography, and I open the box, it's like getting presents! 

"Oh yeah! I forgot I made that!!!!"

Today, I got two presents in the mail. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Vitamin C!

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